Supporting entrepreneurship and boosting the local economy are key for city development and growth.

Establishing Athens as an attractive destination for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, means developing opportunities for new business and creating innovative products and services.

Our aims include:

  • supporting start-ups and existing businesses
  • enhancing outreach
  • linking academia to the private sector
  • supporting SMEs by providing them with advice and networking tools to extend their operations both locally and abroad. 

We focus on the most dynamic sectors of the local economy such as: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Tourism, Start-ups, Creative Industry, Retail, Academia and Social Entrepreneurship.

We provide support, networking and counseling tools and services to businesses and professionals who face challenges like increasing competition within the international context.

We create and support new business ventures that combine sustainability with social benefit and generate social value, based on the social economy principles.

We provide counseling and information to vulnerable social groups and residents of Athens who want to get back to work by introducing them to social entrepreneurship initiatives.