Here are the top tips you need to know if you are navigating Athens for the first time.


Greece’s currency is the euro (pronounced evro in Greek).

Major credit cards and traveler checks are widely accepted these days, but it is best to check beforehand especially regarding the use of American Express and Diners.
Do carry some cash for smaller purchases from kiosks and independent outlets.


In Athens, banks are open Monday - Friday from 8am to 2:00 pm, except on public holidays.
Only a handful of central branches or branches located at malls will be open on Saturdays.

Currency Exchange

There are many foreign currency exchange bureaus located across the city, at Athens International Airport and the port of Piraeus. You can also exchange currency at most Greek and foreign banks, where you can also withdraw local currencies at an ATM machine for a fee.


Services charges are generally not included and you can tip at your discretion, depending on the amount of the bill. Anything from 5-15% is a fair tip in a bar or restaurant. For other services you can try rounding up the bill.