We develop and implement initiatives and programmes that manage the social crisis, tackle social exclusion and ensure social cohesion through promoting employment opportunities for socially vulnerable groups.

We are implementing the "Accommodation and Services for Asylum Seekers" scheme in cooperation with the UNHCR, funded through the ESTIA Programme (Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance) of ECHO (Emergency Support for Integration and Housing).

The program supports the housing needs and offers asylum seekers psychosocial support, introducing them to integration initiatives.

We participate in the implementation of Curing the Limbo, a programme that develops a pilot, innovative methodology for the integration of refugees who have already received asylum into the fabric of city life.

We participate in the European project "[email protected]", which aims to boost employment and provide a holistic package of social services to residents, by providing information on social entrepreneurship.

We are implementing the Accommodation and Reintegration program that supports the transition of homeless individual and families to apartments, so they can gradually return to work.