We participate in planning, attracting financing and implementing the City of Athens development agenda, in line with the principles of sustainability.

We authored the Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development of the City of Athens, defining the city's strategic priorities and actions that need to be implemented to address the challenges and pressures facing the city.

The Strategy sets out 8 areas for development: urban infrastructure development, Smart City actions, sustainable mobility, social housing, culture, energy and climate change, social cohesion and social innovation, entrepreneurship and destination promotion.

To make them happen:

We have successfully planned the City of Athens Integrated Territorial Investment and attracted more than € 85 million euros for its implementation as a three pillars development plan:

  • promoting innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on tourism and culture.
  • the smart and sustainable management of the urban environment of Athens
  • promoting social cohesion and social inclusion

ADDMA’s Athens Intermediate Body is moving swiftly to implement the Integrated Territorial Investment plan.

In cooperation with the City of Athens, we attract and implement emblematic projects funded by European funds.

we attract private funding to develop and promote the destination.

To date, we have attracted more than 200 million euros, from a mixture of funding sources:

  • from NSRF funds through the Integrated Territorial Investment plan
  • from Operational Programmes funded by European Funds, managed by Central Government Authorities and the Region of Attica
  • from European Commission funds
  • from the European Investment Bank
  • from City of Athens and Region of Attica funds
  • from Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) or directly from the Private Sector