Our mission at the Athens Destination and Development Management Agency is to promote Athens as an attractive year-round destination for residents, visitors, professionals and investors.


We support the strategic and investment priorities of the City of Athens, we attract funding resources and implement actions that positively impact those who live, visit and work in Athens.


We engage with local and private stakeholders to design and implement programs and projects that contribute to social, business and urban development.


We focus on the city’s visitor economy,  an important agent in local growth:

  • that develop Athens through the revitalization of public space and the curation of services for residents and visitors
  • that promote and market Athens as a city break and business tourism destination  
  • that manage and coordinate the experience for visitors


In order to be able to develop and establish Athens as an attractive destination for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, we create opportunities for business development, as well as introduce innovative products and services.


At the same time, we develop actions and programmes that manage the effects of the social crisis, tackle social exclusion and ensure social cohesion.